Software Backup And Restore Bookmarks in IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera

Posted: 24 Feb 2011 11:39 PM PST

Recently, I bought a new netbook and wanted my old Bookmarks transfered to my new netbook’s browsers. I generally use Google Chrome for normal browsing, Internet Explorer for Social Networking and Opera when something goes wrong with the other browsers.

So, here’s a free application which will help you backup all your bookmarks and then restore it to another computer’s browser easily with a click of a button.

Backup Bookmarks is a free application which allows you to backup bookmarks from Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Opera and Firefox. Just download and extract it into a new folder. Now open the application inside the extracted folder and a new window will show up (see screenshot):

bookmarbackup [Software] Backup And Restore Bookmarks in IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera

Now, You have to choose the Browsers from where you want to backup bookmarks and also select a folder to where the bookmark backup(s) will be saved for later use. Now click on the Backup Button. You can also restore previous bookmarks by following the same steps under the Restore Options and click on Restore Button to restore the bookmarks.

To know more about how this works and how to Backup/restore bookmarks, you can watch this video:

Link: Backup Bookmarks

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